[LDPartEditor] 0.8.4 Beta Released

Re: [LDPartEditor] New Features for the 0.8.5 Beta Release
Thanks for fixing the cursor-error. Saves me some cursing... :-)

One note, when I want to start a new project and I use the "New Project" button, LDPE tells me the file/directory already exists. What I do then is I create the directory structure manually (e.g. 22888/P, 22888/Parts, etc) and use the "Open Project" button.

Did anybody else experience this?

Regarding Rounding:

While I noticed that 3 decimals for the position are sometimes not enough, I usually work with 5 or 6 when having to cut into curved parts. LDPE sometimes, when rotating, is extending the decimals up to 20+ or so (well above 10) which, in my opinion are not really necessary, would it be possible to limit those decimals either hard-coded or, alternatively have a setting in the rounding-dialog box to chose an automatic rounding when operations in the 3D view are done?

Regarding the Built-In Rectifier:

To my shame I only used it the first time last week. I was not aware that it transforms quads into rect-prims..., but, very useful.
I have some cases when I select the lines and quads I want to combine, the rectifier does not do it.
e.g. this is a snippet of code which it does not like
2 24 37.930301 4 -30.301603 36.033784 4 -26.786536
2 24 36.0338 8 -26.7865 37.9303 8 -30.3016
4 16 36.033784 4 -26.786536 36.0338 8 -26.7865 37.9303 8 -30.3016 37.930329 4 -30.301603
There are differences after the 5th decimal (I know, I use up to 5 or 6 as well), may be the Rectifier could prompt such cases or in the dialogue I can select the accuracy (currently only degrees can be changed)
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