[LDPartEditor] 0.8.4 Beta Released

Critical Bug regarding !HISTORY Meta-Commands

with a little help from Willy Tschager, I discovered a critical issue regarding the parser for the !HISTORY meta command.
This affects any LDPartEditor version up to 0.8.4c. Just delete the trailing chars (and at least one more) after "0 !HISTORY YYYY-MM-DD".

An example: Transform this line
0 !HISTORY 1998-05-21 [PTadmin] Official Update 1998-05
0 !HISTORY 1998-05-2
and the error will silently occur. As a result, LDPE won't open the file anymore and some other strange things can happen.
will lead to the same issue, since the correct format is 0 !HISTORY YYYY-MM-DD
But what happened here? Under the hood an index-out-of-bound-exception was thrown. The parser tried to evaluate a full history String object, but the end index from the method String.substring(startIndex, endIndex) was larger than the length of this String object.
I will fix it with the release of version 0.8.5 Beta...
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