Suggestions for a change of the sticker specs

RE: Suggestions for a change of the sticker specs
Quote:First point: In my eyes we should have the flat version and eventually the formed version. Part+Sticker is just nice to have but not necessary in my eyes.
The only use I see for a flat version of formed stickers is for BOMs. But part+formed sticker shortcut could be used for BOMs, so I propose that if flat version of sticker is not provided then a part+formed sticker should be created. This is of course to prevent a too heavy burden on sticker part author for something of little use.

Note: IMHO, part+flat sticker for simple "orthogonal" parts like bricks or tiles are probably mostly useless and clutter library.

Quote:Second point: Yes, I'm with you.
Don't agree for the above reason.

Quote:Third point: They should not be hidden. I really like to build the full model with each individual part if possible.
No strong opinion. I'd rather favor hidden formed sticker if part+sticker shortcut is provided (avoid clutter). Modern editors allow easy inlining of shortcuts if really needed...
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