Suggestions for a change of the sticker specs

Re: Suggestions for a change of the sticker specs
I never intended to ask for many short cond-lines.
I wanted to clarify how a cond-line along a fold-line should be made. One single line.
Philo's Edger2 can't create that line. How about LPE?

Yes. This was the main question. I want (a) cond-line on the top surface.

Yes. This would mean that we should add cond-lines, but not edge-lines, to the affected primitives 1-4cylc2.dat, 4-4cylc2.dat and 48/4-4cyls2.dat, but how about the cyli2-primitive. It would become obsolete.
Yes. The 4-4ering should be mandatory.

Yes. Formed stickers should have the same origin as the brick it is intended for.
But my question was about flat stickers. Is it accepted to have a flat sticker in a rotated position in a ....c01.dat file, if the word 'formed' is added, within brackets, to the description?
I would say No to that. A flat sticker should have its origin in the center of the pattern, at y=0.

No. I don't want hidden stickers. A search for "sticker" in LDFind will miss the ~Sticker, unless I add a * infront of the word.
I find it odd that LDCad use the word "sticker" for some of the printed parts.
And how do I find a minifig torso with sticker in LDCad?

The flat version of a formed sticker is wanted, but not mandatory.
If we decide to have the formed sticker hidden, with a ~, then the part+sticker shortcuts must be mandatory.
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