Suggestions for a change of the sticker specs

Re: Suggestions for a change of the sticker specs
my opinion:

a: Cond-Lines for Stickers
Allowing cond-lines (be it at bent surfaces or round corners) will create an inconsistency with the current
spec that stickers have no edge lines at all. However, that inconsistency wouldn't hurt me much.
However, we should mention it in the spec and that it is by intention, not by accident.

a-1: Cond-Lines An The Top Of Stickers
To me, this only makes sense on formed stickers with a non-flat surface.
On a flat surface, these condlines make no sense.

a-2: Cond-Lines At The Sides of Stickers (e.g. rounded corners, round stickers)
If issue a is resolved, then I'm fine with this because of the advantages mentioned above.

b-1: Origin of Formed/Rotated Stickers:
Origin of the sticker = part where it is supposed to go = I fully agree

b-2: Formed/Rotated Stickers Separately In The Library:
sticker as a "~part" = I agree

c-1: Have Formed Stickers Also Present As Flat Versions:
IMHO we should leave it to the freedom of part authors whether they want to create a flat or bent version of a sticker.
We already have the same with parts. Nobody should be forced like "thanks, you now have created the bent sticker,
but we won't release it until you also create the flat version". That would be de-motivating. The same vice versa.
We should be happy and thankful for everybody who creates a part file for us. Be it a flat, or a bent sticker.
However, yes, in the optimal case both versions get created at the same time each time.
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