New Parts for LGEO Library

New Repository for LGEO Library
I am working on the LGEO library. Here are the notes I've compiled while doing research. I have all the parts organized using a spreadsheet, and am currently updating "LGEO.xml", "lg_colors.lst" and "lg_elements.lst". When I'm done I will probably create a GitHub repository. If you would like to be made a contributor/collaborator let me know and I will add you to the project.


The repo is now live, but does not include (most of) the actual parts due to file size restrictions on GitHub.


[ed. updated notes below 2019-07-04]

* lg_lutz - Lutz Uhlmann, included with AIOI, (dead link), (working link)
* lg_lgeofix - Lars C. Hassing,
* lg_owen - Owen Burgoyne, included with AIOI,,
* lg_owen_fixed - Michael Horvath, contains some minor fixes, unpublished
* lg_darats - Damien Roux,
* stl_darats - Damien Roux,
* lp_orion - Orion Pobursky, non-LGEO format but is supported by LDView,,
* ar_old - Anton Raves, old library, non-LGEO format but is supported by L3P and included with AIOI
* ar_new - Anton Raves, new library, non-LGEO format and is not supported by other tools AFAIK,

* Order of installation AFAIK: lutz < owen_fixed < darats
* Do not use Lars' parts!! They are older than Lutz's latest update I think.
* Don't know what to do with Anton's new parts or Orion's parts. They use different formats that may not be immediately compatible with LGEO (or with each other). It would be good to get them working along side of LGEO though.
* As of 2019/07/01, the official AIOI seems to include Owen's parts but not Damien's parts.
* In the LGEO library, ABS and PC plastic parts do not have any normals. Parts made of other materials (e.g. rubber, pearl, chrome, transparent) do have normals, however.
* By default, sloped parts don't have alternative normals, despite that the sloped parts themselves have always supported this feature. Some programs add normals to these parts, however.
* LGEO materials do not support SSLT or blurred reflections.
* As of 2019/07/01, the latest LGEO parts by Damien are missing "" and "", even though they are listed in his "LGEO.xml".
* As of 2019/07/01, in Damien's version of "LGEO.xml" color 406 "lg_rubber_dark_purple" should be renamed to "lg_rubber_dark_blue" (or vice versa, I'm not entirely sure).
* As of 2019/07/01, the latest version of LGEO's "" file is missing many colors, such as "color 495 - Electric_Contact_Copper" and "color 339 - Glitter_Trans_Neon_Green". This file needs to be updated to reflect the most current "LDConfig.ldr" file.
* The LGEO files "", "" and "" reference an object named "lg_tech_tube", but this object is not missing from Damien's "".
* The file is present in Owen's library and the AIOI, however. In fact, these other versions appear to be more recent than Damien's. Is there anything in Damien's version of "" that is important enough to keep?
* The files "lg_colors.lst" and "lg_elements.lst" also need to be updated after every change made to the LGEO library.
* Need to replace all instances of "lg_2582_slope" with "lg_2582" within all legacy POV-Ray files. See:
* It would be a good idea to create LGEO versions of LDBoxer parts too, as currently they are all very boxy with sharp edges, etc. Will the LDBoxer sub-folder structure cause issues?
* Several of Owen's LGEO part names have fewer than four number characters at the beginning, and should be padded with zeros to maintain the naming conventions set by Lutz and followed by everyone else.
* In Owen's LGEO library the part "lg_756" is listed twice in "LGEO.xml".
* In the spreadsheet I need to mark all remaining slope parts as sloped.
* "LDConfig.ldr" treats Glow_In_Dark_Opaque, Milky_White, Glow_In_Dark_Trans and Glow_In_Dark_White as partially transparent. LGEO treats some of these as fully solid.
* The file "lg_colors.lst" does not list MILKY or SPECKLE in it yet. What do I do?
* Also, some parts in "lg_colors.lst" have multiple material codes, but in "LDConfig.ldr" each color only has one.
* In the spreadsheets and JSON files I have ommitted the extra material information that appears in "LDConfig.ldr" for the SPECKLE material. This can easily be added back in if needed, however.
* It might be better to remove the zero padding from all LGEO part names so that they match the original LDraw part names. The padding serves no real purpose as far as I can tell, and just makes things a little bit more confusing for everyone.
* Should LGEO part names all be lower case? Should LGEO part names match the case of the original LDraw part names? Does it matter?
* The colors in "" come from a variety of different places such as LDraw, LDD and LUGNET. But mainly they come from Peeron.
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