New Parts for LGEO Library

Re: New Parts for LGEO Library
Damien Roux Wrote:I might be mistaken but the .lst files are no longer needed as the current AIOI is promoting ldview as a PovRay file exporter.

As far as I can see from LDView has been unmaintained for six years.

In contrast to that Leocad is actively developed my multiple contributors for more than 15 years, there are about 3 to 5 releases per year with 4 releases this year only, it is part of the repositories of multiple Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux) and just as LDView is cross platform for Windows and MacOS as well.

Is there a reason that and lg_elements.lst are not distributed anymore? Is it too much work to keep them up to date? Were they broken and nobody found time to fix them? Those two files are tiny so I doubt that it was their size that got them removed.

I find it odd that the AIOI dropped files that disabled povray export of a widely used and maintained piece of software just because another abandoned and unmaintained piece of software does not require them.

Why not just keep those two files so to not sabotage another piece of software?

I find it even more important to include these files because I fail to find them anywhere else on the internet. Pointers welcome.
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