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Re: New Parts for LGEO Library
I meant: I can render a file generated by L3P with no problem.

I've looked into it a bit deeper, and my bad, I was sure LDXcolorX was the standard:

In fact, I can render either a L3P file or a ldview file, because I've made a file that says as an example:
#declare LDXColor0 = material { texture { lg_black } }
#declare LDXColor0_slope = material { texture { lg_black normal { bumps 1 scale 25*0.02 } } }

I've made that file to be able to change the default slope grainy surface roughness of ldview.

With Ldview you get the LDXcolorX definition directely in the pov file.
With L3P you get L3colorX definition in the pov file.

If I replace all the LDXcolorX statements in all my pattern files, I will loose the ability to easily change slope surface roughness.
I don't want to do that.

2 solutions I guess:

L3P is officially discontinued and I will not change anything, but you can download my file which should solve your problem.

L3P is officially supported an I need to find a better solution or to create some kind of compatibility file.

Edit: Anyway, thanks for pointing this out. I'm quite prudent in releasing this personnal library. I want to make sure everything is OK before releasing it for the ldraw AIOI. That's also why I've said in the first post of this thread that the colors defintion should be ldview ones.

Edit2: have you solved your lg_tech_knob problem?
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