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Christophe Mitillo Wrote:Hi Damien,

I'm still amazed on how detailed your parts are. If you don't mind, I have a couple of question regarding your library.

I see that you convert your parts from CATIA to Povray using STL2pov. I tried myself using the converter a few years ago after designing my own hires parts with Solidworks. Although I had no issues when converting to simple triangles, the conversion to smooth triangles always messed up the result giving misoriented polygons. Curiously the result was part triangles and part smooth triangles.
How do you process your parts prior to conversion to have only smooth triangles ?
Regarding your printed parts, I'm curious about the way you convert flat 2D patterns to 3D objects. Is it automated or do you process each pattern manually ?


I never had any problem exporting to smooth triangles, I can't really give you any hint on that, maybe Solidwork STL export is different from CATIA's one. I simply export to STL with CATIA default settings and run stl2pov with -s option on.

For the patterned parts, I export ldraw triangles to povray using the old L3PAdd-on program, then convert it to prism using a homemade VBA program, and then manually add them to the inc files. Then I manually add boxes, cylinders or what ever to improve the pattern and replace ldraw primitivé so let's say it is semi-automated.
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