New Parts for LGEO Library

New Parts for LGEO Library
Hi all,

As suggested in the Eurobricks forum thread I decided to share my personnal LGEO library.

Last Version:

   - LGEO Library - Darats  - 2019/07/03
   - LGEO.xml - Darats  - 2019/07/03

My library is a bit different from the original LGEO one:
I have usually 2 files per part :

   - (LGEO file containing Patterns and Studs)
   - (High quality STL file converted into PovRay format)

While waiting for a better solution, you will need to add :
#declare L3LDrawToLgeo = transform { matrix <0,-LG_BRICK_WIDTH/20,0, 0,0,-LG_BRICK_HEIGHT/24, -LG_BRICK_WIDTH/20,0,0, 0,0,4*LG_BRICK_HEIGHT/24> }
#declare L3LgeoToLDraw = transform { matrix <0,0,-20/LG_BRICK_WIDTH, -20/LG_BRICK_WIDTH,0,0, 0,-24/LG_BRICK_HEIGHT,0, 0,0,0> }
at the end of your file (just above the very last "}") or use my own provided in the package (but it might conflict with Owen's one on some parts).

You may want to put the files in your usual LGEO directory and the files in another folder (don't forget to declare it in PovRay or it will not find the requested files)
There is a high probability that some Parts already exist in the Official LGEO library or other users-made ones. Be aware of it if you overwrite some file.

You need to put LGEO.xml in your Ldview install directory (be aware that you will overwrite your own file that might have parts that mine doesn't have).
Be carful: this xml file might give errors until I fully release all the parts that are in it (should be a matter of a few weeks).

When colors are needed (for Patterns for instance) it uses Ldview exported material format (LDXColorx).
My package doesn't contains, but it must be accessible by PovRay.

I'm sharing all my files, but as I'm currently cleaning the files, I will make regular release of them (so during that time, there will be files without files (so not usable) but I will do my best to release everything fast).

The unpacked archive will be more than 1.5 Gb because of the high quality STL files, don't be feared of that, but make sure that you have enough hard drive space for it.

Do not hesitate to test it, ask questions and give me feedback here, it works on my system but I don't know if it will in others.
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