Crowdfunding For LEGO Instrunction Creator

Crowdfunding For LEGO Instrunction Creator
Those who are not in the subject, please read previously this topic,15712
Forum Usage Guidelines Wrote:Do remember that everyone involved with LDraw does it voluntarily as a hobby. This means things may not happen in a timely fashion.

That I way write this topic to make request of you. Because actually like Remi (precursor of LIC) I start lost interest of development of LIC. Because I am not able to devote this tool as much time as I should as one-person Team. Thus, the development may take years.

In my knowledge to build Instruction you can use:
  1. LEGO Digital Designer Instruction creation leaves much to be desired
  2. LDRAW and LPub and these two tool are great but not for novice
  3. Univeral tools like MLcad, POVray for Windows and Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 used by Designer Han
Keep in mind that dynamic importer of LEGO Instrunction Creator makes it easy to add an importer for any 3D file type.
I don't have doing only for own purpose, but for one any who can download 3D model for example and have good time with this.

Regret would make the existing progress lost.
So main question whether this is good idea to start Crowdfunding project ? /at for example/
If that miracle happen. I proposed to create a wish list /not too long/, which will be discussed and closed at the right time. Before work could begin.

May the force be with us
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