LDCad 1.5 progress / opinions req

Re: LDCad 1.5 progress / opinions req
Gerald Lasser Wrote:When flexible parts are used, I am always having the issue of determining the proper length of the part....... Would it be possible to limit this lenght?
You can limit the length by specifying a fixed number of segments in the path's skin info combined with 0% tolerance and e.g. 5mm as a base size. That way having e.g. 10 segments will be 50mm. Like so:


But like the above demonstrates the 80% segment size (to prevent gaps while not deforming) will complicate things some what. So it is probably easier to use the special length management meta's I've mentioned earlier in the thread.

Those can be used to define ranges of length constrains which then can be used to associate the part with different kinds of static LDraw part numbers. Example:


Gerald Lasser Wrote:Second point would be a nice cable management.
Working with lots of generated content can get very complicated inside LDCad too. Currently the easiest way is to use nested mode and part/model hiding, or shape things in the path subfile itself so you only seeing one hose at a time.

I do have some ideas on how to improve working with lots of pneuhoses etc but nothing groundbreaking, so any suggestions are welcome.
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