LDCad 1.4b (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.4b Documentation (hoses etc)
Hi Roland.

I've finally found time to go through the documentation you've written. I have a few suggested corrections, mainly because English is a shit of a language:
* "(the file has been upgraded to mpd the second you added a second model to it)": suggest "the moment you added...", avoiding two different uses of the word second in quick succession.
* "The only downside of nested editing is you loose control over the submodel references themselves": 'loose' is the opposite of tight. You want 'lose', which is the opposite of gain.
* "you would like to work with a submodel as a whole while retaining the 'leave' behavior": 'leaf' is the singular of leaves. The next sentence also contains 'leave' when you mean 'leaf'.
* "All dynamic parts are managed in a dedicated subfile (like submodel's)": No apostrophe for the plural 'submodels'.
* "don't worry about it being to small or to large": "too small or too large".
* "Currently the rubber band exists out a single circular 'guidance' point": suggest "rubber band consists of a..."
* "To do this you need to first select the current circle this however is currently a problem as its center is obstructed by the wheel it self": suggest "current circle. However, this is...". Also, "it self" -> "itself".
* "lets use this situation to introduce the part hiding feature": Capital Lets to start the sentence.
* "Once you done that": "Once you have done that", or "Once you've done that".
* "If you want to insert a circle between two existing ones be sure to select the one you want it to follow is selected when you using 'ins' to add the new one."
* "always be inserted behind the selected one": suggest 'after' instead of 'behind'. The difference is subtle, but I think 'after' reads better.
* "That's it your band is ready to inspect it in its neutral state switch back to normal editing": suggest "That's it! Your band... neutral state. Switch..."
* "While the shock is now in line with the target pin, it doesn't connect to it as it's currently to long": too long
* "lets (also) try this the non snapping way": you want "let's" here - it's a contraction of 'let us'.

Despite the large list, the page is generally easy to read - mostly they're just nitpicks. There are also undoubtedly some things I missed.

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