LDCad 1.4b (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.4b Documentation (hoses etc)
Philippe Hurbain Wrote:You're going to lose something, LDCad is such a pleasure to use Wink

Exactly. Roland makes a great job here.

In fact, with the Source window (LDCad 1.5 Alpha), I know about only two or three big features missing in LDCad comparing to MLCAD and SR3D Builder. On the other hand, it offers several features more than those two editors. Much more - so the result score is highly positive, from LDCad point of view Smile

For those who are interested these are those three missing features - as I see it:

1. to be able to modify LDraw parts as MLCAD knows - but this is questionable, doesn't it make better sense to use a special tool for that? My opinion is that only a part of it is needed - what's the next point:

2. to be able to edit snapping data comfortably - directly from the editor, visually

and my another (big) wish:

3. to know the basics of physics or model logic - like SR3D Builder knew: to be able to bend a hinge including parts snapped to it, or to be able to turn gears if (and only if!) they are in the correct position for that. This is great feature not only for advanced editing but also for model checking (that everything fits at correct positions).

The unique features of LDCad, are, from my POV:

Organizational ones: it is a living project with very active author, the author promised making LDCad open-source if he cannot spend enough time on it (so the project does not die as both MLCAD and SR3Dbuilder did)

Technical ones: it is multiplatform, it is FAST even on my Thinkpad X61s, it is highly configurable what saves my time a lot, it knows to work with instructions steps very well, it does not mess up the model file even if there are comments from other SW like LPub, it knows to work with belts, strings etc. directly from the editor, it contains a source window for more precise/advanced editation, it knows part snapping, it knows to work with submodels really well - including advanced methods not seen in any other editor...

And I'm sure I forgot something. The short summary is: it's so comfortable and fast it allows me to sketch my ideas and models for (real) LEGO models exhibitions, even on my ways with my small and old laptop. And I can do that fast and comfortably so I can concentrate on my ideas and not on technical limitations of the editor.

Again, Roland makes a great job. Thank you, Roland!
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