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Re: LDCad 1.4b Documentation (hoses etc)
Roland Melkert Wrote:Or do you mean automatic alignment through part snapping when e.g. placing a 2x4 brick on a 4x12 plate while the plate and new part are not aligned rotation wise? This is something I have in the pipe line for the next next version together with occupied connection tracking.

Yes, something like that. It's a volatile idea only, now. As you have part snapping while you move the part (when using mouse) it might be useful to have the same for a part rotation: rotate the part, rotate, rotate until it snaps.

Thinking about it more now, this feature will be useful alone (for Pythagorean triples or for a part alignment as you described). But if two movements were allowed at the same time it adds even more use cases... Imagine dragging the black end of the shock absorber causing the absorber both rotating and stretching at the same time - following your the mouse cursor - and snapping when it 'meets' the pin. Or another usage: an interactive solving a triangular situation using a similar method - no computing... GUI for two moving parts/groups at once is a challenge, I know. But I believe it's doable and I already have ideas how to make it simple to use.

But stop now. You asked for opinions about your new documentation of this version - not dreams for the next-next one Smile
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