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Re: LDCad 1.4b Documentation (hoses etc)
Milan Vančura Wrote:The only point the text was unclear to me was near the beginning of 'Nested editing' chapter where you refer to 'Insert into'. That confused me a little. At first, it's called 'Change insertion target'


And the trick with RMB at session panel...

Mea culpa. Your documentation says nothing about RMB, it describes clearly how to click (LMB) on "Insert into" text. And there is also a help in LDCad itself, at status line. I simply overlooked all that.

On the other hand, it means your documentation is even better, as I was able to understand it and do all examples at 2am Smile

This also reminds me the font of te status line is so huge that many texts cannot fit there.

Milan Vančura Wrote:Another confusing point is that a hot-key for that is 'n', same as for starting the nested mode.

However, this is still true, even at 4pm Smile Esp. there is no visible indication of the current mode (one must place a mouse cursor over session panel). Now I understand why strange parts appeared in some submodels in my past editing sessions: I thought I entered Nested mode but, instead, I was already there and the same hotkey ('n') silently changed the current target.

Roland Melkert Wrote:But you are right all those different names (submodel, subfile, level, insert into, etc) can be very confusing I'll try to smooth them out in both the documentation and program it self.
Thanks! The simpler the better.
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