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Re: LDCad 1.4b (win+linux)
Willy Tschager Wrote:* I'd like to have a toolbar with the usual Front, Back, Top, 3D, ... buttons
* I'd like to have a toolbar to shortcut the split views:

Currently I'm working on changes to the windowing system for 1.5, in 1.6 I'm hoping to improve the tool bar. In the meantime: you can place the front/back etc items from the view menu in the toolbar but you have to supply custom icons to make sense of them.

Willy Tschager Wrote:Just to clarify what I'm looking for. Adding parts to the top view I'd like to have a shortcut which quickly rotates a part clockwise while I'm in Move mode. So, while I move parts around either with the mouse or the arrow keys, I'm able to rotate it without the need to painstakingly point at the corners of the bounding box to rotate it with the mouse. Also adding a 90 degree rotation step would help enormously.
You can add a 90 deg rotation step to the grid. I'll see if I can find some logical way to make both rotation and move possible at the same time in the 2D windows.

Willy Tschager Wrote:In addition, I couldn't find an indication in the status bar or somewhere in which mode (either Move (m) or Rotation ®) I'm in.
You are right about this, never really realized it myself Smile

PS, I decided to add ctrl+d to 1.5 as I realized it has a different meaning then the current ins key when working with a single selected item.
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