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Re: LDCad 1.4b Documentation incl (snap) metas
Philippe Hurbain Wrote:An attempt for adding connectivity to 9V train tracks... Bottom tubes connectivity of switch points not implemented. I used oversized connectivity volumes to help snapping from a distance. Perhaps even not oversized enough!

Minor bug: 2865s03.dat anti stud info uses a swapped x/z grid.

As for the over sized bounding box. LDCad does bb intersection tests on those to find the closest so it might help if you use a cylinder bounding instead of a box.

But like you already figured it won't snap if its too far away even if its the only thing. This is mainly to limit the number of tests (preventing to test e.g. whole datsvile while adding a single brick). Personally I also like it to fallback to grid placement when its out of reach in order to minimize having to turn snapping on and off while building second structures etc. I could add an option to change this behavior though.

Anyway having very large bounding boxes isn't 'misuse' as its the goal of the bounding property. So you could even use a cylinder with a radius of half the length of the rail Smile. Also the male and female info doesn't need to have the same dimensions ether just the same (rest) orientation.

1.5 introduces the shape property for SNAP_GEN meta's which will need to be the 'tight' bounding box and can optionally be used for matching, it will default to 'not used' though.

Again thanks for the tests/reports Philo.
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