LDCad 1.4b (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.4b Documentation incl (snap) metas
OK, I bit the bullet and tried to make/modify a few (attached).
- Creation of connectivity for 30374 Bar 4L Light Sabre Blade, 10050 Minifig Sword Uruk-Hai and 10053 Minifig Sword Small with Curved Blade (Bars with free ends, one end blocked, 2 ends blocked)
- Added top stud connectivity to 3820 minifig hand and 92244s01.dat Friends arm subpart
- Replaced inherited connectivity to 41669 Technic Tooth 1 x 3 with Axlehole (offset of axle hole primitive caused a 2 ldu offset of part when placed with a coarse grid, as reported here)
- Corrected axle connectivity of 11947 Technic Panel Fairing Smooth #22. Axle is blocked by a small ridge in the part, so "extension of axle" present in previous connectivity file was wrong. Removing it also cured the offset problem also mentionned here though I don't understand why it caused this problem.
- Created connectivity for unofficiel 4429 Figure Flask with Handle (stud tubes on bottom, tilted bars of handle).

Things that proved a bit harder than I initially expected:
- Restarting LDCad to be able to test a new definition is a bit painful. Maybe a "clear cache" option to force reload? (useless of course if reload time would be almost as long as restarting completely)
- I initially expected to be able to derive things more or less directly from LDraw part source, but connectivity cylinder extend at the opposite of LDraw cylinder, and orientation matrix needs to be normalized, both issues making things more difficult (especially the first one, annoying for a "directionnally challenged" guy like me Wink - What about giving the possibility to specify a negative lenth to compensate?

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