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Owen Dive Wrote:I've finally found the time to have a go with LDCad. It certainly has come a long way since I tried to break it by loading calc.ldr in the 1.0 public alpfa release!
Hi Owen, been a long time indeed.

Owen Dive Wrote:* In the Manual Movement/Rotation boxes (and presumably in other dialogs as well), it would be nice if the Enter key was bound to the Apply button so that I didn't have to tab several times to get the button in focus or use the mouse to close the dialog.
* Somewhat similarly, the Reference/Selection properties (the one that comes up when you hit Enter with a selection) looks like the Apply button is the default action, but hitting Enter closes the dialog without applying any changes.
You are right I will setup default actions for all dialogs in the next version.

Owen Dive Wrote:* In the parts bin, it would be really nice to have some visual indicator of which items are parts (that I can put into my model) and which are groups of (possibly other groups of) parts.
I like this idea, maybe I'll add some small icon to group cells as I'm already planning to add some other indications to the bin cells anyway. Might not be in the first 1.5 beta though, but maybe the second or so.

Owen Dive Wrote:Seriously, almost every time I've thought "this program really needs Feature X", I find that Feature X is there after all - I was either looking in the wrong place, or I hadn't understood what the option did.
I'm working on documentation, added basic editing last week so the more hidden features will be next. But if you have any thoughts on how to improve the accessibility of those features let me know. The menu structures aren't set in stone and it's also possible to have certain items at multiple places which might help.

Thanks for the feedback.
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