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Ah that's a though one indeed. There are multiple variables in play.

I think the main problem lies in the fact angles change when the shock length changes, because it's using a non aligned hinge.

During a quick test using a mockup I think this problem needs additional selection info to help calculate the needed shock length as it's actually a side of a triangle in this case. It's like the triangle sel info while having the angles but not the lengths.

So in order to solve the whole assembly problem you first need to get the length of the shock assembly (in my example) from 150.33 to 162.4. Afterward you can rotate it towards it destination on the steering hub

see pic 1

I'm cheating a bit and just move the whole steering stuff so the shock doesn't need resizing, something you can't do your model due to other contrains, you'll have to do the math Wink but it won't matter for the following.

Next you move the 92207 part and its axles 20ldu. Set the grid to the shock ori and rotate it 10.3 deg (I have the same angle as your because I cheated with the shock length) using its natural hinge.

see pic 2

Set the grid to the new shock orientation again and change it's length to match the sell info distance (111.8 in my case so a rel y move of 1.8)

see pic 3

side note: I wish the forum auto rized pictures again Sad

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