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Philippe Hurbain Wrote:Is there a way in LDCad to get the angle you must rotate a part with some offset between ends (typically a shock absorber in a suspension)? Nothing fancy of course since it is simply (**) arcsin(offset/length)
I usually put a tmp axle or something somewhere in a streight line from the rest position and dest position. And then use those combined with the base of the spring. After the rotation you can use ''o' to move the shock's length by the difference in length (blue info labels minus the starting length). I'll add a selection info mode for getting that difference in the next version.

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:it would be nice to display (in selection property) the angle of a part (selection) in working plane
I'm not sure what you mean, to get any angle you need a reference which is usually at least two vectors. The selection info uses the two sides of the triangle for that but I don't have that info with editing plane orientations.

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:What about having a stepless rotation mode with part snapping enabled?
I wanted to write it's allready there but for some reason disabling the grid still applies stepping to rotations. I'll correct that in the next version.

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:Shock length is 110 ldu, offset is 20ldu, giving an angle of 10.47°. I select the shock, press O to get local orientation, then enter value in rotation tool. Visually, it's too far away, and when I check the angle using selection info, I read 13.18°. What happens???
Is/was selection info set to be relative to the editing plane? You could get slightly wrong values if it's not as it measure the angles of the selection 'triangle' otherwise.

Could you post (or email me) the model in it's current state so I can see exactly what you are trying to do.
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