LDCad 1.4b (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.4b (win+linux)
You are right the filter should cause a scroll reset, I'll change that for the next version.

The program switch protection is in place as it caused problems (more so in Linux) not doing so. I'll see if I can improve it so wont' need to wait for a mouse move.

"move selection to current step" is already in the reorganize menu, the first item, it's called "move to step". It opens a submenu listing all steps (which you can pin if you have multiple selections to move). A follow up click on any of those step numbers will move the selection there.

The new part rotation currently tries to map the keys in releation to the view direction, so up/down is always horizontal rotation, left/right vertical and pgup/pgdn 'clock' rotation. But this is not always perfect as it depends on the parts orientation and camera etc. I do agree it's not perfect though, as I too sometimes need to do a couple of wrong rotations before getting it right. The home key might help as it resets the part rotation to the current grid orientation.

I'll see if I can improve and or add an option like you described to this feature.
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