Generate LDCad parts bin custom list.

Re: Generate LDCad parts bin custom list.
Jetro de Château Wrote:Ultimately, it would be really cool of LDCad included a feature that allowed for easy access to single set element sets. Not by manually modifying some files in the %appdata% directory, but through a menu in the interface. Imagine the option to load or add a set from a menu so the set is displayed under root/sets/<setnumber>. To make this accessible to the average user (not simply those of us who like to play around with progam settings and are not scared of digging into configuration files) easy access to correctly formatted part lists for specific sets woud be an important asset.
pbg gui editing is something I have in the pipeline, which should at least make it easier. I could also add a .pbg file drop handler which offers to copy the dropped file to e.g. the sets folder.
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