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Full Version: Generate LDCad parts bin custom list.
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You can generate LDCad parts bin lists using this modified version of BrickUtils: BrickUtils-, (.exe version).

Other modifications include the ability to create part-mappings. For a complete list of BrickUtils modifications see the ChangeLog.

This application is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. You can download the source code here.

BrickUtils is free software developed by Mario Pascucci and is available on SourceForge.

For example, after importing bricklink .xml set into BrickUtils(trev)...

Following are the steps to generate a .pbg file (LDCad parts bin list):






Do not hesitate if you have any questions or remarks.

Very handy indeed.

This is now (as far I know of) officially the first 3rd party support tool for my LDCad, thanks Smile
Trevor I'm trying to run this on Ubuntu, which .jar file is the one to start? I tried to create a runme.sh of a few but couldn't get it to go.
Hello Jason - sorry, the previous executable jar file contained only Windows library jars (gluegen & jogl), as it was the dev version ;-).

I have since updated the download jar. The current download now contains the full cross-platform compliment of library jars.

I suspect the missing linux platform glugen and gogl jars may have caused your issue. Please try the current download and let me know if you continue to have unexpected behavior.

To answer your question, start the BrickUtils- file. The launch class is brickUtils.

java -jar <filename>.jar should do - I would rename the file:-).

Please note that I did not run/test on linux; however, I do not believe my updates would have impacted the original BrickUtils cross-platform compatability.

You are welcome! LDCad is an excellent application.
Well it worked Smile Fantastic I must say.

The only issues I had was it wouldn't run until I renamed it, more specifically I had to remove the () from the file name. For some reason it ran after removing just those.

Then it just hung on downloading the LDraw library zips, it just sat at 0% forever. So I simply copied the two zips into the folder and it started right up.

I went through your steps above with a recent moc of mine and it all worked great.

Great work, thank you.
Excellent, you are welcome!

I used your tool to build this http://forums.ldraw.org/showthread.php?t...0#pid15670 - very handy!
Actually the only thing I struggled with was downloading xml from Bricklink...

I initially expected LDCad to decrease part count as they are used in the model, but I realize now that it is far from obvious to do when using submodels!
I download my xml files from Rebrickable, that's a lot easier than Bricklink.
Philippe Hurbain Wrote:I initially expected LDCad to decrease part count as they are used in the model, but I realize now that it is far from obvious to do when using submodels!
That's a planned feature Smile
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