LDCad 1.4a (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.4a (win+linux)
Quote:I thought I fixed those, I checked again and noticed the tech pin not wanting to go to both sides of some of the holes. That's actually caused by the pin it self as axles etc do behave correctly. Anyhow I corrected it.
Yes, that was that. Works great now (on a fresh reinstall of 1.4a+ on another machine).
Quote:As for the plates (6141) do you mean to place them stud facing outwards inside a tech beam hole, like so:
No, I meant plain 6141 tube to any regular stud connexion. No snapping here. 6141p01 did work though so I had a look in shadow.sf: 6141 was missing. I created one from 6141p01 connection file and now it works.
Quote:I'm not completely sure but I think I left stud4.dat without snap info because I considered it not a 'real' stud primitive. This in means it is used scaled and the hole will almost always lead into some bigger shape in the higher parts.
I'll have to do some more looking around and try to make the needed adjustments for 1.5.
I see your point, yes stud4 is often scaled. That wouldn't be such a big issue if only its origin was placed on the rim...
Quote:Yes, most bins are based upon a set of include/exclude filter rules and it is there fore very hard to split the connectors from the pin parts unless it's done by handpicking the .dat numbers which isn't very future proof. Do you know of another way to uniformly split those parts based on description, number, keyword, etc?
I see your point here too Wink No simple solution unfortunately. Do you have a short description of filter syntax? (especially, what does "exclude !description pin,connector,bush" do?)
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