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I'm sorry your script is correct minus a minor detail (you need to compensate for the non id group ori), but the groups should rotate around their main item position not the abs 0,0,0 origin like it does now.

It seems you discovered a bug concerning the nested groups ori only manipulations it goes wrong when the main group item is not at toplevel. I'll fix this for the next version, in the mean time you could try building the correct matrix your self or make the groups at the level their main part is at and rotate them from there.

Funny this never was a problem in my demo animations and yet it's the first thing a new user walks into Smile

On the group properties, it's not in the group menu because I thought it's more of a selection thing. But you are right that's probably the place where most people would look for it, so I will add a properties item to it.

You can move any part to any level in the model tree through nesting mode combined with a correct 'insertion target'. While in nesting mode click on any part you know is part of the model you want to move something to. Then click the 'insert into' text in the session panel. This will change the insertion target for all editing activities. Next you select the part(s) you want to move and select 'move to current level' from the selection menu.

I do this (probably way to fast Smile ) in the 2nd animation tutorial as I discovered I forgot to add the wheel's pin to the axle1 sub model.

Do note there is a known bug when you do this and the selection you want to move contains grouped items (will also be fixed in the next version). So it's provably best to un group any grouped things you want to move first.
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