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Full Version: LDCad 1.4 Beta 2 (win+linux)
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Hi all,

I just released the second beta of LDCad 1.4

It has a boatload of bug fixes and two new major features, namely OpenGL export and 'triangle angle' selection information the later helps you create something like this:


See also this video clip

The first let you export the current editor view (without GUI items) into any size your VGA card supports. For example here's an exported snapshot of the new 8071 example model.


8071 includes an advanced animation script example which makes it's mechanics come to live. You can view the exported version of it on youtube. And I also made a second clip showcasing some of the internals.

As animation might be a difficult thing to get started with I also made a two part tutorial video on making an animation from scratch.

Part 1 The model
Part 2 The script

Like always you'll find the latest LDCad version at


The next version will probably be the definitive 1.4 version without any major features as I'm taking a little break from working on LDCad for the next couple of weeks.

Have fun.
Great work! I tried the triangle solver, it works fine. Two questions:
- Your video shows sub bins in Technic bin, I don't seem to find that here?!
- How do I get parts snapping as described here http://forums.ldraw.org/showthread.php?t...6#pid11436 ? Or is this feature not ready for showtime yet?

Those technic groups are part of the 'sorted' (sorted by function) bin tree branch, accessible through the very first icon (little groups of parts picture) in the root group.

Part snapping is available since the 1.3 version, although it's more a guidance tool not full blown collision detecting etc. But it works quite well when used in combination with the relative grid.

You can enabled/disable it from the compass (GS/PS at the bottom) at any time or by using shift+p.

Do note not all parts have snapping info yet, currently I'm working towards having info for all parts in the sorted branch of the bin which is almost done having only a couple of subgroups remaining.
Quote:Those technic groups are part of the 'sorted' (sorted by function) bin tree branch, accessible through the very first icon (little groups of parts picture) in the root group.
OK, clearly I need new glasses - sorry!
Quote:You can enabled/disable it from the compass (GS/PS at the bottom) at any time or by using shift+p.
I missed that too... but the keyboard shortcut is not in the quick manual.
Yes the quick manual is a bit outdated on that front Smile

I'll add a new shortkey table page to the site soon, I will also rewrite the basic usage (aka quickmanual) at some point in the near future, probably in union with one or more video clips and pictures.
Looks very nice!
Although, I've barely used LDCad, but I'd like to try it out. Is there maybe a more extensive manual somewhere than the quick guide on your website? I haven't read it yet, it's probably very useful, but I'm just wondering Wink

I also have a two questions:
1- is there any way to resize the brick-selection images? I find them a little too big. Not that too big, but a little smaller would be much appreciated.
2- is there a way to view the steps and bricks in a list? Something like in MLCad or the Instructions Miner in SR3D Builder?
The brick sizes in the bin are determined by the current bin width and the current number of grid cell columns. 2 columns is the default but you can increase it by pressing '+' while the mouse is inside the part bin.

Used bricks in the current building step can be inspected/viewed by navigating to the special step content group in the part bin. Reachable from the root group by choosing the sessions group (icon with 'mpd' text in it), followed by going into the last group inside the sessions group (the one with '4' and a couple of beige bricks on it's icon).

That group will always show the current step's bricks in their used color and counts. If you need it often just point one of the last bin views (e.g. 6) to it and use the other ones for normal part navigating.

As for an extended manual, I'm afraid the quick manual is currently the only text available. I started writing a new (more extensive) one though.

In the meantime you could probably pick up the basic way of working from the more recent clips I made, I try to minimize keyboard usage in those.
Hi Roland, thanks for the animation videos, I'm currently building something that I hope to animate at some point.

A couple requests or ideas if I may:

When hovering over the part area tabs (1-6), would it be possible for the text dialog to change showing what that tab has been filtered to? For example when working with technic parts I like to keep axles, beams, pins etc in the different tabs for quick reference. Except being old I forget which ones they are in. So if I hover over the tabs and if the text could change to say "Technic" with "Beam" or "Pin" that would be handy.

[Image: Screenshot%20from%202014-10-18%2016%3A05%3A38.png]

Also, is it possible to change the overall GUI theme of the program and it's areas. Being in Linux I like to use the darker "Pro" style look.

[Image: Screenshot%20from%202014-10-18%2016%3A18%3A07.png]
You mean display the filter text of the other view in the current view's filter text area (in green) just like the bin group caption does?

If so I like that, and it's a small change so I will add it to the next version. Thanks for the idea.

As for the colors, you are the second person in as many days who thinks the theme is to bright. 1.0 and 1.1 used a more gray theme but people were complaining about that too Smile

Therefore the current theme is somewhat taken from the official LEGO building booklets, but if you want you can change pretty much any color as the theme colors are read from the GUI/default/main.gui file. I think if you change all the 'BG' items in that file to something dark you basically get what your preview shows.

But be aware a future update will overwrite your changes, unless you copy the whole default folder and change the 'guiTemplate' section in the main.cfg file accordingly.
Yep that's exactly what I meant, you got it. Thank you so much for adding it.

I know it's a tough thing coming up with pgm colors so they don't interfere with part colors etc. I'll play around with a few options and maybe we can share them or keep them someplace.
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