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Re: LDCad 1.4 Beta 2 (win+linux)
Roland Melkert Wrote:Did you link to the subfile/model the reference to the rotor lives in? This is needed when the reference you want to use is not in the top level ldr (as ldc.subfile() links to toplevel by default), e.g.:

local roof=ldc.subfile('roof.ldr')
local rotor1=roof:getRef('rotorpart.dat', 1)
local rotor2=roof:getRef('rotorpart.dat', 2)
Obvious now that you tell me! And works fine... (42020-B2.zip)

Quote:Alternatively you could create a nested group at top level, but if it's a single part or submodel you want to rotate walking the model tree is the better / cleaner solution.
Maybe cleaner, but nested group has a big plus: it makes animation independant of subfiles organized for building sequence, not for mechanical functional groups.
I tried this idea, but I clearly have a group origin problem that make them rotate around world origin... Tried many things, but always the same result Sad
See 42020-B-nestedGr.zip

Quote:Groups can be (re)named by opening the selection properties dialog, click on the coordinates panel or enter key while the group is selected.
Why group properties entry doesn't appear in grouping menu you described below?

Quote:You can add items to a group by selecting it, followed by also selecting the items you want to add from the grouping menu (listed one level up in the default sel rightclick menu) and then choose 'add selection to group'.
I wouldn't have found this menu alone...
Same question for submodel: is it possible to move a part from top level to existing subfile?

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