It's a Bohrok! ...well, almost

Re: It's a Bohrok! ...well, almost
Agreed, an impressive achievement!
Quote:Perhaps that awesome 3D scanner of Philo's could get the mesh?
Well, it has been a while I haven't scanned anything so it would be nice to do it again Wink
...but... my Bionicle collection is highly lacking, and I'm afraid I have none of these masks (I'll check). I should have a few parts like this from Rahkshi. I must also have a Thok and a bunch of loose parts.

Edit: I was overly pessimistic - stay tuned Wink
Edit2: teaser:
[Image: Capture.JPG]
I am not happy with the grainy surface (maybe caused by rubber low reflectivity), I hope to be able to smooth out things...
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