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Full Version: It's a Bohrok! ...well, almost
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[Image: lehvak1.png]

Thanks to the hard work of very many LDraw parts authors I have here an actual model of a 8564-1 Lehvak. Though, it seems to be missing a little something.

The Krana and the Krana holder pieces are still not modeled, and are the last Bohrok parts that are in such a state. Anyone got thoughts on how are we going to get the models for the Krana? The Bionicle masks in general seem like a nightmare to model. Perhaps that awesome 3D scanner of Philo's could get the mesh? It seems to have the design ID 42042, though note: there's 8 variants though Peeron only pictures 5 of them.

I still think we should congratulate ourselves, we sure have gotten a lot of parts done! I know the rubber band is also missing though that's because I don't know LSynth-fu. Tongue
Agreed, an impressive achievement!
Quote:Perhaps that awesome 3D scanner of Philo's could get the mesh?
Well, it has been a while I haven't scanned anything so it would be nice to do it again Wink
...but... my Bionicle collection is highly lacking, and I'm afraid I have none of these masks (I'll check). I should have a few parts like this http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=kraata4 from Rahkshi. I must also have a Thok and a bunch of loose parts.

Edit: I was overly pessimistic - stay tuned Wink
Edit2: teaser:
[Image: Capture.JPG]
I am not happy with the grainy surface (maybe caused by rubber low reflectivity), I hope to be able to smooth out things...
That is so amazing! Definitely looking forward to the result. Smile
[Image: 42042-1.png]

This is probably the hardest part I've taken onto modeling yet...
Here is the mesh... I'd be happy if you could complete the work (put the edge lines where needed). Tell me if you need minor shape improvements.
Ah, that's very great! Cleaning it up now. I guess I'll model the Krana holder afterwards, then followed by those LDD cleanups..
So I'm cleaning it up and just now noticed this:

[Image: 42042a-1.png]
The one I have at hand doesn't have these recess things..? Are they really on the part you scanned? I'm a bit confused now.
Mmhhh, yes, I have something there but it's not symmetrical and I have another crease in the lower part. imho these are molding problems! I edited out the crease on left ear in the new version (attached). Anyway you'll have to cut in halves...
(edit) sorry for the misplacement in thread!
[Image: 42042a-2.png]
Connector rod done. Now to deal with the edgelines...
Quote:Now to deal with the edgelines...
Good luck!
It is great to see these models nearly finished. Thanks so much for your effort on the Bionicle Technic parts that are very difficult to get right for LDraw. Smile)))))
A second one... Good luck for cleaning!