Rendering LDraw Bricks commercially

Rendering LDraw Bricks commercially
Hi, I read your lisense, and you said one has to give credit to the LDraw Parts Library if they use the parts (even commercially). But below that, you said something about a derivative work doesn't need attribution (I think that's what that meant). This is what you said:

Quote:Anything else should be considered a Derivative work and an attribution would be required.

What is not considered a Derivative work?

Rendered images generated from the LDraw library. Rendering here covers any conversion of a 3D model file into a 2D image.

It is a bit confusing, so here's my question: If someone wanted to use the LDraw Parts Library in a 3D movie, do they have to give credit? I would probably say "Yes", but the whole thing about the derivative work got me confused.

Thanks for the help!
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