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Full Version: Rendering LDraw Bricks commercially
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Hi, I read your lisense, and you said one has to give credit to the LDraw Parts Library if they use the parts (even commercially). But below that, you said something about a derivative work doesn't need attribution (I think that's what that meant). This is what you said:

Quote:Anything else should be considered a Derivative work and an attribution would be required.

What is not considered a Derivative work?

Rendered images generated from the LDraw library. Rendering here covers any conversion of a 3D model file into a 2D image.

It is a bit confusing, so here's my question: If someone wanted to use the LDraw Parts Library in a 3D movie, do they have to give credit? I would probably say "Yes", but the whole thing about the derivative work got me confused.

Thanks for the help!
If you are using the unmodified, stock library attribution for rendering is not needed. However, a thank you and link back to LDRaw.org is highly desired by us.
Thank you! You answered my question exactly. If I use your models, I will be sure to link back in the credits. Smile