LDCad 1.3 Beta 1 (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.3 Beta 1 (win+linux)
Roland Melkert Wrote:A suitable part only needs the base cylinder(s) and a donut surface. You could create a donor part for it (see the donors folder of LDCad for examples)

I just realized that the hose has no inner surface either. So I took the liberty to:

a) add an inner surface to the hose segment donor.
b) create a donor for the unattached hose end.
c) create a template for a hose with unattached ends.

Here are the files. Feel free to modify/rename/include them in future releases.

Attached Files
.dat   ldcPnuHoseEnd.dat (Size: 348 bytes / Downloads: 0)
.ldr   pneumaticHoseFree.ldr (Size: 900 bytes / Downloads: 0)
.dat   ldcPnuHoseSeg.dat (Size: 771 bytes / Downloads: 0)
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