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Roland Melkert Wrote:I'm not sure what you mean, the stepping is used to describe the path around all points (bezier and circle a like). Internally the point info is converted to a array of positions and the distance between them is always the grid stepping. So when you set that distance equal to the skin size, it will map perfectly cause the curve section length is equal to the the link (straight) length.

Maybe a picture helps. Suppose you have a setup with two wheels, such that there are three links per full turn (just to exaggerate the differences). The initial circle is 1, and the initial link is "a" (then "b", "c"...).

Will the chain be created as is the top case? This is more realistic (for chains, at least), but more difficult to compute, I guess. It would also need more care from the user, to set the relative rotation of the different circles correctly (rotate circle 2 only and the chain would break, but a different distance between the circles would need different rotation).

Or will it be done as in the bottom case, by trying to follow the "ideal" path in discrete steps?

[Image: chain.png]
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