Perfect vs. Available Parts

Re: Perfect vs. Available Parts
Hi Mike,

To me there are no such thing as "good enough".

Let's start correcting the parts at the Part Tracker, instead of certifying them only because there old or "almost" correct.
We will only be caught forever correcting official parts, instead of creating all the new part LEGO produce.
I see no point in letting parts go, if they're only going to have to come back for later corrections.
Sure, it's easier today, to make better designs, with all the tools we have. Let's use those tools and data we already have,
and put all the personal pride aside, and start working on the designs we have.

I started to correct all the parts that I had Hold-voted early december last year.
Almost all were later cert-voted and released in the latest update. Hopefully without having to come back for corrections.

I don't wanna spend my time correcting other authors "misstakes" and "errors". I wanna make my own. ;-)
It's only after correcting your own misstakes, you'll learn to do things right.
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