Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone!
Hello everyone! I am Triangle717, a TFOL and Python programmer. I have been a LEGO fan since I was probably 5, and it holds a dear spot in my heart. Currently, I am involved in playing the LEGO video games from 1997-2002, but still have a lot of the plastic bricks (such as this LEGO scene I had set up in my room back in March).

I do know the forum guidelines say to use my real name, but I do not post my real name anywhere on the Web. Rather (and perhaps unlike many people), I treat my Web name as my real name. If my name is legitimately attached to something, then it is mine. I'm not trying to break tradition and I respect your tradition, but I cannot display my real name. Hopefully you understand. Smile

I am here on "business" reasons, but I will save that for the appropriate topics.
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