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Full Version: Hello Everyone!
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Hello everyone! I am Triangle717, a TFOL and Python programmer. I have been a LEGO fan since I was probably 5, and it holds a dear spot in my heart. Currently, I am involved in playing the LEGO video games from 1997-2002, but still have a lot of the plastic bricks (such as this LEGO scene I had set up in my room back in March).

I do know the forum guidelines say to use my real name, but I do not post my real name anywhere on the Web. Rather (and perhaps unlike many people), I treat my Web name as my real name. If my name is legitimately attached to something, then it is mine. I'm not trying to break tradition and I respect your tradition, but I cannot display my real name. Hopefully you understand. Smile

I am here on "business" reasons, but I will save that for the appropriate topics.
Welcome to LDraw. Unless you're a very elaborate spammer I think we can let your name slide, just as Steffen gets to keep his surname away from the forums Smile

Welcome Triangle717!! I hope you like your stay here!

What are you currently working on?
Working on, as in programming or some MOC/scene/brick related? Programming, a few projects right now (in times past I've probably been working on 5 projects at once), one of which is why I joined the forum. As for brick stuff, none right now. The bricks are in closets (though the sets in that scene are still on the shelf in an mostly orderly position now), and I haven't bought any LEGO recently other than a Friends set for $2.50 USD in August. College keeps one away from many areas. Perhaps I'll have the time to make something soon. I am way more technical than creative, so it is not always the easiest for me to build. Wink