n00b who can't add a part

n00b who can't add a part
So I'm a digital Lego newbie getting my head around MLCad, solid piece of work, but I find that part 56145 - a reinforced wheel - doesn't seem to be in the parts list (thought I was being stupid, looked up the part number, ctrl+f says it's really not there). Huh. Do a bit of searching around, and find this: http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cg.../56145.dat

OK... gotcha. I'm feeling more up to speed now. So after gazing over the ReadMe I add 56145.dat to LDraw/parts and the 6 subfiles to LDraw/parts/s... restart MLCad, not there... run mklist and run MLCad... no part. OK... so in MLCad I go FileScan Parts... no new parts found... still no part.


Are there any pros out there who know what I'm doing wrong? Would greatly appreciate
a bit of advice! If it changes anything I'm running a 64-bit Win-7 environment.

Thanks in advance.

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