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Full Version: n00b who can't add a part
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So I'm a digital Lego newbie getting my head around MLCad, solid piece of work, but I find that part 56145 - a reinforced wheel - doesn't seem to be in the parts list (thought I was being stupid, looked up the part number, ctrl+f says it's really not there). Huh. Do a bit of searching around, and find this: http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cg.../56145.dat

OK... gotcha. I'm feeling more up to speed now. So after gazing over the ReadMe I add 56145.dat to LDraw/parts and the 6 subfiles to LDraw/parts/s... restart MLCad, not there... run mklist and run MLCad... no part. OK... so in MLCad I go FileScan Parts... no new parts found... still no part.


Are there any pros out there who know what I'm doing wrong? Would greatly appreciate
a bit of advice! If it changes anything I'm running a 64-bit Win-7 environment.

Thanks in advance.

Try to help you.
1. Copy part file to Ldraw\parts
2. Copy all subfiles to Ldraw\parts\s
3. Run Mlcad, then file->Scan Parts
4. Press yes to write new data to file
5. Restart MLCad(no obligatory)
6. Then find you part(by name, or by number)
Thank you Stan,

I've done exactly that and MLCad says there's no new data... I may clean install and try again.

In this topic you can find something useful for you. It is file with parts categories. And here you can download all unofficial parts.
Stan you're a knight in Lego armour!

I'll re-install, and put the unofficials in my models folder as per the suggestion.

Thanks again!
I think Ldraw is rather difficult solution, and I will write large tutorial, but later. Because when I started I spent a lot of time to understand it. And I think this also will be useful for you)))
LSynth is software for bendable parts. But it have problems with windows 7. I install it but with a lot of problems.
I find it makes me a little nostalgic, it's similar in an unforgiving kind of way to software I used to use to make Quake2 levels. Powerful, precise, no room for error.
This is really baffling me, did exactly that - this time is said there were new parts, his yes... they're not in there.

Personnaly, I don't have any problem with Lsynth and Window Se7en, works like a charm for me.

So there should be a solution for your problem.
Oh, haven't given Lsynth a go yet - don't need bendy pipes in this one.

The problem's with adding parts - I've just now (in my lunch break) re-installed, put the .dats in the right folders, MLCad knows the new parts are there, acknowledges there's new parts when I scan for parts - I rebuild the parts list, and if I open the parts list in notepad it's even in there! But I can't find the part in MLCad, even searching by its part number.

Is there some kind of toggle option to show unauthorised parts that I've missed?
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