Point matching Re: Question about edges

Point matching Re: Question about edges
I'm going to split this off as a new thread since the old one is unwieldy...

When we develop a list of points (via check and snap), there will be (hopefully only a few) remaining points that have not been snapped to each other and remain with only _one_ tri or quad accessing them. We can exploit this as these points must be:
  • Part of a t-junction
  • A point that has not been snapped properly
  • An edge point (but this should be illegal in an LDraw part)

There is absolutely no other reason for a point not the be shared amongst at least two tris/quads. We can store the number of facet prims accessing the point via a simple count on the list of points.

So here's the deal:

foreach Point not in TwoTris/Quads
  # Check if the point is part of a t-junciton
  If CheckForTJunction then  SplitTJunction

  # Check for nearby points with a larger (eg. 0.05) tolerance

If, at the end of this code, there are points that are still not shared then the part can probably be flagged as bad.

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