Export of .mpd to single 'stand-alone' .ldr file ?

Re: Export of .mpd to single 'stand-alone' .ldr file ?
Give the attached Python script a try (test example included) - I implemented it because I'm trying to add a motor to the 42005 Lego Monster Truck following the MPD file from rebrickable, but I couldn't find any tool to give me a flat LDR file so I can use tools like Bricksmith to bisect the model since the steps provided in the MPD file are pretty useless when you're trying to figure out how to build this thing...

Supports nested LDR references, but does NOT support references to other MPD files.
Works only on one file at a time.

How to use:
unzip, then you should have a mpd2ldr.py file - that file must be executable.
Now just call "./mpd2ldr.py filename.mpd" and the output will be filename.ldr
Has to be used from the command line (I've tried it on a Mac only)

I hope it works for you, and please forgive me if I don't provide support Smile

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