20006 - Clone Turbo Tank

Re: 20006 - Clone Turbo Tank
I am on the way to change MPDCenter to accept all mentioned file extensions and decide upon the content what to do.

By thinking about all the possibilities, it came to my mind that it can lead to some confusion if all files uses for example the ldr extension.
You can have a file model.ldr sitting on your disc. Only with the name you can not know is it a "packed" mpd file or a simple model file. As long as you are only viewing the model - no problem - all viewer cares about that.

What if you are building new models? I do not wonder if somebody will override his model with the wrong content.

The idea of having extension independing file processing is ok. But I feel to have the files named differently would be a benefit for the user. So MPDCenter will export mpd content files with ".mpd" extension.
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