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Full Version: 20006 - Clone Turbo Tank
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First OMR for me. I think I got everything OMR compliant.

20006 - Clone Turbo Tank
I would say yes, according to the written specifications.
I would say no, according to the unwritten !

You have put the content of an MPD file in a file with the extension '.ldr'. That is not what I understand as an MPD file.

In my opinion we have the following extension with the following meanings:
.dat - part files that references to sub part files (.dat) or primitive part files (.dat), but never to .ldr files.
.dat - sub part files that references to other sub part files (.dat) or primitive part files (.dat) but never to .ldr files.
.dat - primitive part file that references to other sub part files (.dat) or primitive part files (.dat) but never to .ldr files.
.ldr - model files that references to part files or other model files, but never to primitive part files or sub part files.
.mpd - simple container for several .dat and/or .ldr files and can not be set as reference in linetype 1.

So in my humble opinion you need to rename your file to 20006 - Clone Turbo Tank.mpd to be OMR conform.

To LSC: I could not find any of the above in the specifications! Please add that to the corresponding specifications.
My personal opinion is that any LDraw-compatible user-generated file (MPD or not) can perfectly validly have an LDR extension. In my opinion, MPD is just one of many extensions to the LDraw language. Additionally, it is such a widely used one that it should be supported by anything that loads LDraw files; not doing so is just asking for trouble. It's my opinion that splitting LDraw files into MPD and not-MPD is antagonistic towards users due to being confusing for no particular reason. When the MPD extension to LDraw was first introduced, and most programs didn't support it, it made sense to have a separate file extension. I don't think that's the case now, at the end of 2012.
While I agree with Travis, I don't consider myself a normal user. So for the purposes of the repository and the categorization of the repository, I've updated the file to use the .mpd extension.

I have about 47 other models for the OMR so the will be coming soon...
I agree to your suggestion from your point of view (LDView). But if you need to do anything else than show a picture you have to know wheather it is an MPD file (container for several LDR or DAT files) or not. I also agree that it is easy to determine that a file has mpd content, but for windows (and unix I think) the extension is a basic instrument for determining its content. So why should we not use this systematics also for our files?
By the way, MLCad, the inventor of MPD-files suggests to save that file with the '.mpd' extension!
I always looked at mpd as a naming convention, but none of my tools will assume anything based on the extension. They just parse string lists Smile
I'm not trying to present the point of view of me as the author of LDView. I'm trying to present the point of view of users (and in particular, non-expert users). From the point of view of a majority of users, "MPD" is just some esoteric jargon that only programmers understand. All the programs they use to open LDraw files can open both "MPD" and "LDR" files.

And MLCad suggesting MPD as the extension is consistent with what I said: originally it was good to use the MPD extension due to lack of support in other programs.
Ok, I understand your point of view and I come to the conclusion that I will follow your approach.

It would be great if there is a statement in the specifications that makes this clear to all application developer in the future. Somethink like "A valid MPD file is not determined by the extension of the file but on its content."
I have dig a little bit:

LDraw.org Standards: File Format 1.0.2
All LDraw files carry the LDR (default), DAT or MPD extension.

As I could not find any further information on the different file types I assume that I can reference to a MPD file in any other file?

I have checked this and LDView do this! That's great, but pushed me back for years in coding my apps as MPDCenter definitely do not support this at present Sad
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