LDCad 1.1 (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.1 Linux 64bits error
I've managed to compile a 64Bit version using 64Bit Ubuntu 10.04 in a vmplayer image.

I currently only have this 'dev' setup as a 64 Bit Linux testing ground, so if somebody could try the below version on a native (clean) 64Bit GTK2 os I would appreciate it a lot.


It's seems to work just fine on the vm machine, but I did have to solve a couple of compile errors/warnings, so it's not exactly the same as other 1.1's. As a result there could be sudden crashes under some circumstances/actions. If so please let me know.

edit: no one cared, so I deleted this version, next release will have a 'official' 64 bit version though.
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