Lsynthed elements not working in Lpub

Re: Lsynthed elements not working in Lpub
G'day. Lsynthed elements working in Lpub. Thanks for all your help and susgestions. I found that you are right with making the parts that are Lsynthed into a mpd file. Being as simple as deleting everything else in the file in MLcad except for (eg.) the Xl motor and saving that as (save as) Xl motor, and doing this for each part that was synthesized. Doing this made sure that each part went back into the excat spot i needed. By cheating i opened each part i saved in LPub and "saved as" and mpd file but making sure that each one was only one page, if it had two pages it didnt work. Then opening up Mlcad again i imported them all and substituted them into the original file. Lastly when opening up through LPub each part that was added I right clicked the (pink) page and selected 'add as a part'. and it worked perfectly.Except for the 8.5 flexable hose havnt figured it out yet. Thank you again. Cheers Jono
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