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Lsynthed elements not working in Lpub - Jono - 2012-05-12

G'day, I'm new to doing instructions, Ive made the truck and it shows correctly in Mlcad with all the parts synthised. However when i open up LPub it does not show the nxt cables, the rubber band and the segments for the 8.5 flexible hose (in the parts box) can any one help with what to do to get these to show in LPub. They show with povray also when you use ldlite as the preferred renderer it still does not work. I've attached what has been done so far so please dont download for your own use. It will be free access to everyone once its finished through here and moc pages.Cheers jono

Re: Lsynthed elements not working in Lpub - Willy Tschager - 2012-05-12

Known problem.

Please read:


and import the LSynth parts into an .mpd.


Re: Lsynthed elements not working in Lpub - Daniel Goerner - 2012-05-12

Don't the Lsynth Parts have an equivalent in the parts folder, and if not, why? And if so, why doesn't Lsnth use these parts? I mean, the markers could stay "unofficial" since they're not needed in the final model, but the parts themself are more useful in the parts folder, I would think.

Re: Lsynthed elements not working in Lpub - Steffen - 2012-05-12

The elements which make up the synthesized parts previuosly got published as unofficial together with LSYNTH.

Recent development on the PT (of e.g. the Electric Cables, cf
) created files which can take over this role. They will, step by step, become official,
as for example 932.dat already has.

There is a discussion going on whether these files belong into PARTS, PARTS\S or P.
Sadly, no consensus has been reached here yet. My personal opinion is that they are primitives,
and thus belong into P. But that's a different discussion.
The main point is that the cable sweep files (the same applies for hoses etc.) will over time become official.
Fortunately, a consensus was reached that they should be oriented and located like the 4-4cylis,
and this fortunately matches the orientation and location that LSYNTH expects.
This means that these files directly are usable by LSYNTH.

This already simplifies the LSYNTH problem a lot.
Just the "constraint" placeholder files LSYNTH supplies are unofficial, and I see no problem keeping it that
way, because when you need them, you need LSYNTH as well, and you need to run its generator then,
and that generator will then use official files.

Re: Lsynthed elements not working in Lpub - Jono - 2012-05-12

I tried doing what was said in the link you posted but still not working. How do you turn it into a .mpd and why would this be tried.Sorry new with many questions.I've yet to try uninstalling the programmes and reinstalling them. I used the all in one installer. Thank you for your help so far. Jono

Re: Lsynthed elements not working in Lpub - Jono - 2012-05-17

G'day. Lsynthed elements working in Lpub. Thanks for all your help and susgestions. I found that you are right with making the parts that are Lsynthed into a mpd file. Being as simple as deleting everything else in the file in MLcad except for (eg.) the Xl motor and saving that as (save as) Xl motor, and doing this for each part that was synthesized. Doing this made sure that each part went back into the excat spot i needed. By cheating i opened each part i saved in LPub and "saved as" and mpd file but making sure that each one was only one page, if it had two pages it didnt work. Then opening up Mlcad again i imported them all and substituted them into the original file. Lastly when opening up through LPub each part that was added I right clicked the (pink) page and selected 'add as a part'. and it worked perfectly.Except for the 8.5 flexable hose havnt figured it out yet. Thank you again. Cheers Jono