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Joshua Delahunty Wrote:
Orion Pobursky Wrote:This is in reference to the LSC post

I've added images of the texture-mapped minifigure series 4 lawn gnome (#1) to a google+ album (images for #2 kimono girl -- sans decor on her hair, we'll need CYLINDRICAL support for that -- and #3 Musketeer were already up)


... and here is almost certainly the most complicated design I've seen done yet (the graphics work continues to be done by an artist friend of mine) -- either with design-by-architecture or texture mapping: the viking from Minifigures series 4. I output all the textures as 512x512 this time for better fidelity (we actually had to scan at a higher resolution this time to get all the finer detail in his torso -- 300 dpi wasn't enough for this one). Admittedly, 256x512 is probably overkill for each leg, but outputting new images at half that size would be trivially quick for me to do. It all comes down to a balance of quality versus storage space.

Viking image

-- joshua
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