Terminating the CA?

Re: Terminating the CA?

I'm sorry to hear you feel this way. As an "end user" I'm always looking for new and improved parts and more part authors typically means more of these and fewer means less.

In some ways, I can understand the way you feel. I'm sure if I spent a lot of time working on something, only to have it ripped apart, analyzed, and re-constructed in a "better" way, I might be a little peeved as well. On the other hand, as the originator, no matter how far the design may stray from the original, they will always be in your debt for originality.

Consider the modern light-bulb. Although we consider Edison to be it's inventor, he would hardly recogonize his "own" work. The design is so far removed from the original that about the only thing we can say the two have in common is that they "provide light", in much the same way your parts "look similar" to modern ones. Yet do we consider Edison a hack, an idiot whose design was flawed in almost every concievable way? NO! We consider him a genius for his pioneering work. And no matter how far we've come or how much further we go, we'll always be thankful to him for showing us the light!

So, too, will we always be thankful to you for all the work you've done, for without it, there would have been nothing to improve upon and we would have no part at all.

I do also understand your frustration with the bureaucracy around here along with its stifling, often hypocritical rules. I am not a part of it, nor do I want to be. I'm simply a guy who likes playing with digital LEGO. I'm sorry if I've come off as "trying to talk you into coming back", but yeah, I'm just a greedy parts-mongerer. I'm sure if you asked Steffen, he'd tell you that the only thing I've ever done around here is "whine, complain, and make demands without ever contributing anything of use." You will be missed.
I'm theJude! So that's what you call me. You know, that or, uh, his Judeness, or uh, Juder, or el Juderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.
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