Anything complex I can try? & Heroica bits.

Re: Anything complex I can try? & Heroica bits.
Just in case you didn't know it yet: here's the PT tools page
When you click on "file queue", you can see the "oldest" parts
(in terms of when an action happened there last).
Those are probably the ones waiting the longest.
However, I'm not using that tool very frequently. Instead, my workflow is like this:
I look at
and first look at parts which need a second vote to get ready for Admin review.
Then I look for parts which not even got their first vote.
And from time to time, I scroll to the very bottom of that page and run through
some held files listed there, seeing what I can do to help,
as I think there is no use in files being held for years. Instead, the problems
need to get fixed. (There's somewhere a rule saying that if a file is held for some
time, everybody is invited to help solve the problems.
Just be careful to not step on someone's toes.)
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